Frances Barbe was awarded a Creative Fellowship in the Performing Arts from AHRB and Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation to continue her exploration into intercultural performance during 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Qualifications and Training
Butoh Dance    1992 to the Present
Tadashi Endo (Germany)    Intensive training and performance since 1997
Bishop Yamada (Japan)    2 months intensive training and performance in 1997
Zen Zen Zo (Australia)    6 years of choreographing, teaching and performing
Katsura Kan (Japan)    Intensive training and performance in 2001
Carlotta Ikeda, Yumiko Yoshioka, Mianko Seki    Short intensive workshops
Tadashi Suzuki Method    1992 to the Present
The SITI Company, New York    Month long residency in Saratoga Springs, NY May 2002
Frank Productions (Australia)    3 years of intensive training and in Australia and yearly intensive training ’00 & ’01 in Croatia
Theatre Training Initiative (London)    Co-Founder and facilitator since May 2000
Workshop Producer ‘Ellen Lauren Workshop’ Sep 2000
Ichiro Nakayama    Weekly sessions and intensive training in London ’00 – ‘01
Ellen Lauren / SITI Company    One week workshop in London 2000
Planned - SITI intensive training program, May-June 2002
Modern Dance    1987 to the Present
The Jerwood Space, Independent Dance (London)    Contemporary technique classes 2000
The Place Evening School (London)    Release-based classes 1999
Bill Louther (London, UK)    Classes in Graham Technique 1997 and 1998
ISTD Syllabus (Australia)    Syllabus-based work completing exams to teaching level 1986 – 1988
Ballet    Since 6 years of age
Danceworks, (London)    Weekly classes with Renato Peroni 2000
Royal Academy of Dancing
(Australia)    Completion of RAD Syllabus to Intermediate including one year full time study. (total of 15 years)
Drama    1989 – 1993
Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Drama and English Literature, Uni of Queensland (Australia)  Including a thesis on the connections between dance and theatre in twentieth century. Graduated 1st Class Honours.

Recent Experience

The Way of Butoh and Contemporary Choreog.     August – September 2002
Choreographer - Butoh    Choreographic research at The Place’s Choreodrome supported by The Place, London Arts and AHRB.
Migration    Jan 2001, Jan 2002, Oct-Nov 2002
Performer - Butoh    Re-working of Tadashi Endo’s choreography for Butoh Mamu and Jazz International festival for German tour 2002
Curious Fish    August 2001
Performer – Butoh - Butoh production choreographed by Katsura Kan for Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Two week run, 5 star rating from The Scotsman.
Instruments of Darkness: Tanden’s Macbeth    May 2001
Director - Director of circus theatre piece based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth for ensemble of actors, dancers and circus performers.  London & Canterbury.
Powerful Women    Feb 2001
Co-Director - London Arts funded research project training circus performers in Suzuki method, and collaborator with a designer to integrate design and bodies.
Macbeth: A Work in Progress    Dec 2000
Director / Actor - 2 week research period supported by The Jerwood Space combining actors and circus performers using Suzuki training and working with Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
Tojirareta Fune    2000 (Tokyo)
Assistant Director / Performer    Tour of Makki Ishii’s opera to Nissay Theatre, Tokyo. (see below), also featuring Dairakudakan Butoh group.
Dress    2000
Choreographer / Dancer - Collaboration with circus performer, Kirsty Little combining Butoh and stilts, and improvisational voice artists, Viv Corringham. Jerwood Space, London.
Tojirareta Fune    1999
Assistant Director / Performer - New opera by Makki Ishii, directed by Henk Schut, featuring fourteen Buddhist monks chanting, English tenor, Nigel Robson, and dancer Valerie Valentine of Dutch National Ballet. Utrecht and Berlin’s (Hebbel Theatre).
Pandora’s Box    1999
Actress / Dancer - Music Theatre piece directed by Olivia Fuchs, with new music composed by Issie Barratt  A Work In Progress exploring the Pandora myth using movement, music and singing. Drill Hall, London.
Bluebeard    1999
Performer - Visual Theatre production combining movement, puppetry and mask to tell the harrowing tale. London season, Riverside Stuidos and Little Angel Theatre, and National Tour including Moving Parts Festival, and The Green Room in Manchester.
Dress Duet    1999
Choreographer / Dancer - A collaboration with Nick Parkin on Shakuhachi, using an evening dress to transform a woman’s body from one creature to another. Jackson’s Lane, London.
Steel Flesh    1998
Choreographer / Performer - Exploring the impact of technology on the human body and on what it means to be human. For Zen Zen Zo, Brisbane International Festival, Australia.
Hysterical Angels    1998
Choreographer / Performer - Solo work exploring the dedication and insanity of the ballet student.  Turtle Key Arts Centre, London.
Migration    1997
Performer – Butoh - One of 7 European performers chosen to work with Bishop Yamada of Hoppo Butoh Ha and one of only three to join Tadashi Endo’s Mamu Dance Theatre’s tour; including Berlin’s Kultur Brauerei and Budapest’s International Meeting of Moving Theatre.
Salome    1997
Performer - Experimental film directed by Henk Schut, filmed by Claudia Kappenberg and involving actors, singers and puppetry on-site in warehouses at the Docklands, London.
Unleashed    1996 and 2000
Choreographer - Choreographing for Zen Zen Zo Company Butoh, Brisbane.  Tight, Red and Deadly, a humorous look at behaviour-modifying clothing. Steel Ribbons the self-mutilation of women’s search for ‘beauty’. The Horror, a harrowing journey into the realm of pure fear.
Romance of Orpheus    1996 and 1994
Actor - Frank Productions earliest work, based on Suzuki Actor Training Method. Directed by Jacqui Carroll and starring John Nobbs as Orpheus
Macbeth    1995
Choreographer - Choreography and co-direction of bilingual production of Macbeth for Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre and involving an international cast of actors and dancers.  Kyoto, Japan.
Yellow Wallpaper    1994
Choreographer / Performer - Training and choreographing actors and dancers for a staging of Charlotte Gilmore-Perkins Victorian tale of madness and women.  For Fractal Theatre Company, Australia.
Royal Hunt of the Sun    1993
Choreographer - Choreographing a physical theatre production for Briboco Youth Theatre involving high school boys of various ages for performances in Brisbane and Melbourne.
The Way of Mud    1993
Choreographer / Performer - Choreographing cast of 10 for Zen Zen Zo Company Butoh, including the premiere of The Horror and Hysterical Angels, co-choreographing the title piece The Way of Mud, and the humorous Cowboy Lovesong.
Life of Galileo    1992
Choreographer / Performer    Training and choreographing actors and chorus of dancers for stylised physical theatre production of Brecht’s script..

Teacher & Trainer

Theatre Training Initiative    Weekly sharing of Suzuki training and intensive workshops with participants of varied levels and background. 2000 – present
University of Exeter    Butoh Workshop for students studying intercultural theatre. 2001 and 2002
University of Kent at Canterbury    Movement for First Year Drama Students2001 and 2002
Japanese Butoh Practice Project for Fourth year Drama Students
University College Cork, Ireland    MA Lecture on Documentation
BA & MA Workshop in Physical Theatre Practice
Organised as Private Artist    Butoh dance and Suzuki Actor training workshops at Drill Hall, Chisenhale Dance Space.
London Butoh Network    Butoh - Weekly training and Weekend Courses - Holborn Centre for Performing Arts and The Drill Hall 1998
Butoh Centrum Mamu    Butoh -Two Day Workshop plus assisting Tadashi Endo’s Workshops, Gottingen, Germany 1997and One Day workshop April 2002
Zen Zen Zo    Butoh - Weekly training sessions for company members  - Brisbane, Australia 1993 and 1996
    Physical Theatre - Training and choreography for bilingual production of Macbeth  - Seibu Kodo, Kyoto, Japan 1995
Makki International Academy    Ballet, Jazz and Creative Dance – workshops for young dancers  Kyoto & Hiroshima, Japan 1995
Uni of Southern Queensland - Uni of Queensland - Uni of New England
    Training Methods and Choreographic Process for Physical Theatre - Workshops for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Theatre Students: Brisbane, Armidale and Toowoomba, Australia 1994
Queensland Performing Arts Trust    Elements of Movement - Movement awareness for high-school students, of varying levels of experience.  Brisbane, Australia 1994
Brisbane Boys College    Movement for High School Drama - Using movement to release creativity and self-development in high school boys.  Brisbane, Australia 1993
Briboco Youth Theatre    Choreography for Peter Schaffer’s Royal Hunt of the Sun - Creating movement and devising training for high shool-age cast - Brisbane & Melbourne, Australia. 1994
St Joseph’s Primary School    Choreographing movement for primary school students within a dramatic text. Brisbane, Australia 1993