From 1979 till 1990 Gregor Weber worked for theatre-,pantomime and dance productions in Köln, Bonn und Düsseldorf as an actor and performer.


From 1990 till 1994 he was living in Tokyo, was member of the Butoh-Group "Dance Butter Tokio" from Anzu Furukawa. He learned as well Junko Ikeda "Ikeda Shizen Taisoo" (natural movement), produced own pieces and was working as an actor tand talker for TV and radio.


From 1995 till 1998 he worked in Hannover at the theatre "Commedia Futura" as a trainer, actor, director and choreograph.

He did as well different dance- and theatre productions in Germany and abroad.


Since 1998 he is living again in Köln and working there as a teacher for bodywork as well as a dancer and director.


He took part in eX…it!’95 as choreographer and dance performer, and in eX…it!’99 as moderator of the symposium.