Place and date of birth: Marília, SP in 12/12/1967

Dance Education:

Ballet Clássico: studied with Ismael Guiser, Neide Rossi and Yoko Okada in Ballet Ismael Guiser (SP) from 1984 to 1989;

With Sighild Pahl in T.O.C Tanz Schule (Colony - Germany) from 1990 to 1993;

Modern Ballet: studied with Milton Meyers at the Alvin Ailey School of Dances (N.Y.) from nov of 1991 to fev. of 1992, having participated of 2 workshops with the same teacher in Sommer Tanz Festival in Vienna in 1990 and in 1991 (during the month of July of the respective years);

with Carlos Orta of Limon Dances Company in Vienna in Sommer Tanz Festival in 1990 and 1991 (in the same period) and at the Limon Istitute (N.Y.) also in nov. of 1991 to fev. 1992; with Ray Tadio at the Limon Istutute (N.Y.)  June and July of 1993.

Contemporary dance workshops:  participated as guest in the “creation workshop” directed by the Italian choreographer Rafaela Giordano from nov. 1990 to  jan. of 1991 (Torino - Italy);

participated in the workshop directed by the Belgian choreographer Wim Wandekeybus in the Centro Cultural Belém–Lisbon, in fev. 1997

Special Education

studied for 3 years (from 1989 to 1992) as guest student (student invited listener) in Folkwang Schule in Essen-Werden (Germany), participating in the following teachers classes:

Malou Airaldo, Domenique Mercy, Cristine Kono and Hans Zullig.

Dancer of the following companies:

H-K, directed by Hans Krauser– experimental group of dance, theater and music, during the years of 1991 and 92.

Carlos Orta – take part in the piece “Theres is a Time”, by Jose Limon, remake by Carlos Orta at the Impulstanz Festival, Vienna, 1991

-    Co- Terceira Dança, directed by Gisela Rocha from 1993 to 1997

Works as Choreographer and Director with the [d a n ç a p o v e r a]:

It Is Not What Sees her (1997), premieres in SESC Pompéia–SP

Grain (1996/97), premieres in Istituto Cultural Itaú–SP

Quantas (1997), premieres in Istituto Cultural Itaú–SP

A Short  Story About Us (1998), premieres in the Theater of the English Culture–SP

Alice (1999), in partnership with Marcos Gallon, premieres in Teather Am Hallenches Ufer–Berlin, Germany, with accomplishment of the Institute Cultural Itaú

Landscape (2001), premieres in Paço das Artes–SP, inside of the project Nets of Tension / 50 Years of the Biennal of São Paulo

We, the Others (2002,) premieres at Sesc Santos - SP

Variation (2002), premieres in Cenrto Cultural São Paulo - SP

Secret Landscape (2003), premieres at SESC Consolação - SP

Choreographer for the following groups and projects:

H-K–pieces: 4 (1991); Colors (1992)

Cia. Cenica Náu de Ícaros– O Pallacio Não Acorda, direction of Leopoldo Pacheco (1997)

Trupete – Antígone, direction of Carlos Gardin (1997)

GDC ( Group of Contemporary Dance of the Federal University Of Bahia)–

2 x 1 The Remorse and the Nostalgia (1998), direction and choreography

Marcelo, Hammer, Quince -  of Ruth Rocha, direction of Zecarlos Andrade (1999)

12 Poems for dance (2000), direction of Gisela Moreau, premieres in SESC Anchieta-SP

Rituais (2002), directions and conception of Carlos Miele, premieres in Terrace theater – Kennedy Center, Washington, USA

Assistant of Choreography for the Co. Terceira Dança in the following pieces:

Um Certo Estudo (1993/4)

DAS (1994/5)

Envidia (1995)

Vista Ainda (1995)

Teacher for the following schools and institutions:

-  Teacher of the course of Communication and Arts of the Body of the University of Communication and Philosophy - PUC-SP– disciplines: Dance-theater, Contemporary Dance and Choreography (since fev. de 2000)

- Workshop at the Oswald de Andrade Cultural Center –São Paulo. Disciplines: Choreographic Composition - 2 periods of 3 months in the years 1993 and 1994; Creation in Dance-theater in 2000 and Technique of Contemporary Dance in 2001

- Galpão da Cia. Cênica Náu de Ícaros – São Paulo. Disciplines: Contemporary Dance and Acrobatics, with Juliana Neves (during the year of 1997)

- TUCA – Teatro da PUC-São Paulo. Discipline: Corporal Preparation for actors (1997)

- National workshop of Dance of the Federal University of Bahia–Salvador, Bahia.  Discipline: Contemporary Dance (nov. de 1997)

- Teacher with the Co. Terceira Dança, for several workshops during tours of the Company

Parallel works :

- Corporal preparation for the group of the piece KA, direction of Renato Cohen in UNICAMP-SP (1998)

- Corporal preparation for the group of the piece “Harmony in Black”, direction of Del Rangel with Ana Paula Arósio and Cássio Scapin (1999)

- Jury of the Committee of Selection of the “Festival Arte Educação”, Santos,SP, 1996

- Lecture in SESC Santos about  Contemporary Dances beside Angel Viana (1998)

- Lecture about Expressionist Germany Dance in UNICAMP-SP–1994

- Jury of the Festival of Dance of Sorocaba - SP - 2000

- Lecture in the debate NET OF TENSION, accomplished by Paço of the Arts–SP, with direction of Vitória Daniela Bousso (2001)

- Jury of the Sergio Motta Prize - SP - 2002


Prize APCA– DAS –Better Show of the Year of 1995, Special Prize of the Jury

First “Prêmio Estímulo de Dance” of the São Paulo State, 1994

Second Place in the First Festival of Physical Theater of the English Culture Institut, in 1996

Scholarship of the Vitae Foundation, Antorches and Andes at the “Seminar of International Danza” in General Roca, Argentina, 1998.

Second Sergio Motta Prize with the dance-video PAISAGEM in partnership with the director Lea Van Steen (2001)