The Dance Divisions of Southern District and Georgia AAHPERD will be collaboratively hosting guest presenter, Sondra Fraleigh, in Savannah to introduce the field of Somatics, with the co-sponsorship of GAHPERD’s Health Division.  For more than 30 years, Professor Fraleigh has been a leader in the study of movement and dance.  She is director of the East-West Somatics Institute, which is an approach to healing and personal transformation through integrative bodywork. Sondra has chaired the Department of Dance at the State University of New York College at Brockport, where she has been on faculty for over twenty-five years.  Her innovative choreography has been seen on tour in America, Germany, and Japan.  She has served as president of the Congress on Research in Dance and as a Faculty Exchange Scholar for the State University of New York.

    Sondra will present an hour long introductory session entitled, “Mindful Movement,” on Thursday afternoon, offering an awareness of self in simple-to–perform movements from daily life.  On Friday morning, Sondra will present a three-hour participatory workshop evolving from the somatic movement process to dance.  This workshop entitled, “Dancing Down the Bones,” provides an experience with simple movement patterns that encourages awareness through the bones and includes a brief exploration in partner bodywork.

    Sondra will also be the keynote speaker for the Dance Luncheon, where she will address the issue of  “Dancers Writing Dance.”  She is the author of Dance and the Lived Body (1987), Dancing Into Darkness:  Butoh, Zen and Japan (1999), and Researching Dance (1999).   Her articles have been published in texts on dance and movement, Somatics, philosophy, and developmental psychology.