Yael Schnell

Personal details

Born: 14.4.1976 in Haifa, Israel.

Professional education

1986-1990 Kefar-Saba Dance Conservatorium.

1990-1991 London School of Art.

1992-1994 Bat-Dor School of Dance.

Professional Experience

1995-1996 A dancer in the Bat-Sheva Ensamble. Artistic Director: Ohad Naharin and Naomi Perlov.

1997-2001 A dancer in Bat-Sheva Dance Company: Artistic Director: Ohad Naharin.

2001 (July) Plastic Art project as part of Bat-Sheva dancers’ choreography project.  

2002 (June) Director assistant of Ohad Naharin’s Minus 7 Dance in Lisbon. 

2002-2003 (November-January) A dancer in “Midis” by Ari Rozenzweig, Kopenhagen.


1993 Royal Academy of Dance, Elementary Certificate, Highly Recommended.

2000 Ministry of Science Culture and Sport in Israel, Excellence in Team Performance.

2001 Yair Shapira price for excellence in dnce, Israel.

2002 Albert Award for Excellence for an Israeli dancer, Kopenhagen.

Choreographers I have worked with

Jasperse John,  Kylian Jiri,  Miler Amanda,  Naharin Ohad,  Prejokaj Angela,  Saarinen Tero, Vandekeybus Wim

Young Choreographers

Barsacq Lara,  Berg Yossi,  Dar Noa,  Magal Sa,ar,  Marshal Barak,  Ari Rozenzweig, 


1995 Lionel  Hoche, Video Dance.  

1995 Lara Barsacq, Video Dance.

1997 Amanda Miller, “The Toy Artist”.

1997 Ohad Naharin, “Sabotage Baby”.

1998 Tero Saarinen, “Undo”.

1999 Ohad Naharin, “Moshe”.

2000 Ohad Naharin, “Virus”.

2000 John Jasperse, “The Rest”.

2000 Barak Marshall, “And when the Rooster Crowed the Green Bride Floated Through the Village Square”.


Forseit Bill,      “Vile Parody”.

Jasperse John, “The Rest”.

Kylian Jiri,       “Six Dances”, “No Sleep Till Dawn of Day”.

Marshall Barak, “And when the Rooster Crowed the Green Bride Floated Through the Village Square”.

Miller Amanda, “The Toy Artist”.

Naharin Ohad,   “Kyr”, “Mabul”, “Anaphaze”, “Arbos”, “Tabula Rasa”, “Zina”, “Yag”, “Two Short Stories”, “Moshe”, “Sabotage Baby”, “Virus”,   “Passometzo”, “Queens of Golomb”, “Decca-Dance”.

Prejokaj Angela, “Larmes Blanche”.

Saarinen Tero, “Undo”.

Vandekeybus Wim, “Exhaustion from Dreamt Love”.

Theatres and Festivals (A selection)

1996 Hebble Theatre

1997 Nippon Cultural Centre, Japan.

1997 Theatre  De La Ville, Paris.

1998 U.S.A. tour.

1998, 1999, 2000 Hamburg Dance Festival.

2000 Melbourne Festival, Australia.

2000 Dance a Montpellier.

2001 Cannes Dance Festival.

2001 Brazil tour