YUMIKO YOSHIOKA  is a dancer, choreographer, art director and instructor.


She was born in Tokyo and has lived in Germany since 1988. 

In the early seventies and eighties she was a member of the first Japanese women's Butoh dance theater, ARIADONE,  dancing in Europe's first  Butoh performance in Paris.

From 1988 to 1994, she was an active member of the German-Japanese dance theatre group "tatoeba-THEATRE DANSE GROTESQUE" touring to Japan, Europe and North America. 

She founded the art-formation groupe "TEN PEN CHii  art labor" in 1995, a resident group at Schloss Broellin in ex East Germany (Castle of Broellin), International Theater Research Location. 


Her research is in the interactivity between dance, space and installations with her partner Joachim Manger, and that work has won the highest praise in experimental art scenes. 


She has taught extensively in Japan, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Belarus,  Austria, Israel, Mexico  and North America.

Workshop Concept

Body Resonance: based on Butoh and organic movement

The Body is a receptacle of time. Through an exploration down to a groundless stage of collective memories in our past, we can strike a vein of abundant resources, which can enrich the essence of our life. I want to activate these forgotten memories by concentrating on our inner core, our Ki (vital) energy and it's circulation.  Body Resonance is a key to open up the ever changing world inside and outside of us - 

Metamorphosis.   Dance and be danced.  We enjoy the chaos,  the Mother of Creativity.