From! ‘95 to ‘03!-1 (1995)
was a stock-take of the European Butoh dance scene. Butoh-influenced dancers from various European countries worked in a 2 week workshop together with workshop participants on choreography showing the breadth and creativity of European-based Butoh dance.

In!-2 (1999)
the concept was expanded and Japanese dancers were invited, so bringing about an examination between Western and Japanese Butoh tradition.
A parallel academic symposium, to which 6 academics and dance critics were invited, dealt with questions about Butoh and the mutual reception of cultures in the East and West.! ‘03 (2003)
expanded the concept even further and dealt with the meeting point between western Contemporary/Modern dance and Butoh. European and Japanese dancers from both fields were invited.! ‘07 (2007)
stays on the topic of finding a meeting point between western Contemporary/Modern dance and Butoh. This time only Japanese choreographers are invited who, in the course of their own development and due to multi-cultural influences, have developed their own unique dance style. We again invite 4 choreographers, who have dedicated themselves to Butoh and another 4 who have completed an education in Contemporary/Modern dance.