About eX...it!´07

Sushi, probably the most popular Japanese export, spread rapidly within a few years around the world and kept its inner nature mainly to what it was: sushi.

What about dance from Japan, especially Butoh? Once a local, very original Japanese phenomenon, Butoh through the 80s became more and more popular and entered the European dance and theatre scene.
On the other hand there’s the representative modern culture of Japan with ballet and modern/contemporary dance, which tried more and more to copy the western/American dance style while pushing aside its own roots. Mickey Mouse and McDonalds took over.

Does this escalating globalisation stop in front of dance? – of course NOT! And it shouldn't!
How far does a locally developed art form like Butoh change, by its worldwide spread? And how deep is the influence that Contemporary/Modern dance and Butoh have on each other? Today dancers are almost expected to feel themselves at home in many styles.

As dance is one of the most international art forms that crosses boundaries, it is expected for dancers to feel familiar with all kinds of techniques and styles. When you look at individual dancers however, it seems as though there are still borders in the mind or body, making it difficult to cross into other expressions of dance.

Whether sushi or dance, the world is becoming distinctly closer. We live in a world where information and images are available everywhere.
The world has apparently become explainable and controllable. All our knowledge and technologies however, has only lead to disenchantment in the mysteries of the world. This flood of information has left us dull. It seems that only extremes can touch us anymore and that the human ethic has been abandoned. eX...it!´07 is an artistic approach to new ideas to overcome the serious identity crisis into which we have been dropped since the turn of the century. Thanks to our decadent thoughts of wealth and confidence in our virtual almightiness, our arrogant relationship to nature is one of the main mechanisms to cope with our inner fear for the future. We are on the way to sawing off the very branch we are sitting on. The rapid development of technology in the 20th century took us to the moon – but also took us to the edge of the abyss of a nuclear war. Thanks to the ever increasing globalization, the threat of global war has become more and more localised but ecological, economical and social catastrophes are on their way.
Are we still able to control the situation? Where are the new inner-values and social, cultural ethics in our societies? Why does the individual search for the ultimate kick in ever intensifying new extremes? Are we so bored of “normal” life, assured in every direction? Have we already seen all the mysteries, experienced everything, even if most of it is virtual? As in our virtual adventures the body experience is often missing, we look for something sensational to feel our existence. Where will this increasing power of eccentric lust, greed and vandalism take us?

eX...it!´07 invites this time only Japanese dancers and choreographers: 4 representing Butoh dance and 4 representing modern/contemporary dance. All of them will work on the idea of globalization, to make an artistic approach to the global zeitgeist.

How does every choreographer deal with his or her identity of dance? Which of the dance styles are more locally and/or globally comprehensible? How does Japanese contemporary dance appear in contrast to Butoh? Is there any contrast? Is it possible to find Butoh elements in Contemporary/Modern dance, or is Butoh also a contemporary/modern dance? What feelings and prejudices do contemporary dancers have against Butoh dance and Butoh dancers against Contemporary/Modern dance?
Are there any representatives whose dance style has changed, further developed or even mixed with the other dance-style in course of their career? How far does a change in dance also change their identity? How do the invited dancers view their own artistic development?

eX...it!´07 asks all these questions and tries to answer them through danced emotional images.
The choreographers’ first task will be to reflect on the problem of globalization by using the term "eX..." (eXaggerate it!, eXchange it!, eXpress it!, eX... it!) as the basis for an artistic statement to create several dance sequences. The second task will be to collaborate with a partner of the other dance style and work together on a choreography using both dance perspectives.

eX...it!´07 is an invitation and challenge to reflect on what is ‘outside’: the new, unknown and unfamiliar, without the fears, doubts or confusion that accompany us through our surprising and frightening encounters along the way to an unknown future. Since every exit is also an entrance, it relies on our consciousness, how we see ourselves and on which paths we encounter others: other forms of life, other ways of living and other ideas of spiritual wisdom.

Dance as a way to global Transformation