Welcome to the homepage of eX...it!

The fourth eX…it! festival takes place in 2007. None of its initiators in 1995 could have guessed that it would carry on for so long.

At the beginning there was one question:
Butoh – what is that?

delta RA'i and Yumiko Yoshioka have constantly been asked this question since co-founding tatoeba-THÉÂTRE DANSE GROTESQUE, the first German-Japanese Butoh company, in 1987. This led to the idea of a European Butoh meeting which was first held in 1995. It was called eX...it! and has been held every four years since.

What was formerly a pure Butoh dance festival has today become an exchange project for contemporary and modern dance, with its roots still firmly anchored in Butoh.

The initiators of eX…it! would like to offer with this project time and space for mutual teaching and exchange.

Participation is open to professional- and semi-professional dancers and amateurs.
Training units are arranged so that dancers of every level can further develop their work.

eX...it!´07 is produced by schloss bröllin e.V. and will take place at

Schloss Bröllin
D - 17309 Bröllin/Germany
For more information please check: www.broellin.de

Idea, Concept and Art Direction: Yumiko Yoshioka und delta RA´i