eX…it ’07 takes place from 03-19 August 2007. The project is divided into interlocking pieces:

Workshop Camp: 07-18 August 07
The workshop camp offers approximately 50 interested amateurs and professionals the chance to be instructed in various styles from various choreographers.

Arrival date for participants is the 7th of August 07.
From 8 - 11 August 07, participants will be split into groups and two instructional sessions will be held for each group every day. The workshop camp is arranged so that every participant will get the chance to complete one instruction unit with each of the eight choreographers.

After that the participant chooses one choreographer-couple (composed of 1 Butoh and 1 Contemporary dancer,) with whom he/she would like to further work and rehearse with.

ATTENTION: If too many participants decide for a particular choreographer-couple, you will be asked to make a second choice. Otherwise we will have to divide the groups ourselves.

Final public presentation: 17 + 18 August (from 21.00h)
Duration approx. 90 minutes.

Public Symposium: 19 August (from 12.00 h)
probable end is around 18:00 h

!´07 is produced by schloss bröllin e.V. and will take place at

Schloss Bröllin
D - 17309 Bröllin/Germany
For more information please check:

Idea, Concept and Art Direction: Yumiko Yoshioka und delta RA´i