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the 5th international dance-eXchange project on Butoh and related arts at
Schloss Broellin
- international art research location

eXpress it! • eXpect it! • eXceed it! • eXperience it! • eXplore it! • eXhale it! • eX... it!

On behalf of schloss broellin e.V. association the artistic directors Yumiko Yoshioka and delta RA´i invite you,
  Butoh- and dance interested people from all over the world, to the 5th creative international dance-eXchange project
  from 8th to 21st August 2011
again at the international art research location of Schloss Broellin in the Northern East of Germany


The theme for eX...it!'11 is: The Analogue Soul in the Digital Age

How does the digital age influence our analogue human existence?
What does the soul need in order to survive in a world that is exploited and spiritually dying?
How could dance help us to integrate ourselves again in nature's cycles and natural processes?

again invites Japanese and Western choreographers to meet for an interactive artistic eXchange.
It will be an encounter between representatives of classical Butoh dance and representatives of contemporary dance, who – in the course of their development and as a result of multicultural influences – have developed their very own dance style deeply inspired by Butoh dance.

Video Documentation

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eX...it! 2011 - part1
from delta R on Vimeo.

Photo: © 2007 Karsten Mühlhaus