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Service for Participants

Please read this page carefully and print it out!

last update: 2011-07-25

If you still have any question or suggestion, after reading this, please don't hesitate to ask via the contact form
But please understand that we cannot answer all incoming mails and questions straight away, as we are very busy with all the organisation for the festival.

Arrival date: 8th August 2011 latest till 18:00 hr

Please come in time otherwise you will miss the common welcome meeting and the guided tour across the area of Schloss Broellin.

Departure is scheduled on 21st August from 18:00 hr on or on 22nd August 2011

1) Arrival at Berlin's Airports

Berlin has 2 airports: Airport Berlin-Schoenefeld and Airport Berlin-Tegel

How to get from the airports to Schloss Broellin which is about 150 km north-east of Berlin to the nearest train station: Pasewalk (7 km from Broellin)

easy/convenient alone but a bit more expensive (through Berlin Hauptbahnhof)...

...1) From Schoenefeld Airport to Pasewalk

There is a train station just 5 minutes walk from the Airport Schoenefeld

At the station Flughafen Berlin Schoenefeld (Airport) please take one of the trains:
Regional Express RE 7
(direction -> Dessau) or Regional Bahn RB 14 (direction -> Nauen)

change at Berlin Hauptbahnhof (tief) (Berlin Main Station on lower level) to the train:
Regional Express RE 3 (direction -> Stralsund)

and get down at Pasewalk station.

Usually the whole ride will take about 2-3 hours from Schoenefeld airport to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (around 30 minutes) and further to Pasewalk (around 100 minutes)

...2) From Tegel Airport to Pasewalk

Take the bus TXL (Direction: S+U Alexanderplatz) to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Main Station)
the train Regional Express RE 3 (direction -> Stralsund) which departs on lower level (tief) brings you to Pasewalk station. Get down there!

Usually the whole ride will take about 2-3 hours from Tegel airport to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (around 20 minutes) and further to Pasewalk (around 100 minutes)
If you want to travel more quick and comfortable, you can also come by IC/EC/ICE train from Hauptbahnhof to Pasewalk, which costs 28/30 Euro for one person.  There are just 3 such quick trains - travelling time about 90 min.

*departure from Berlin-Hauptbahnhof (main station) (quite every 2 hours): 13:37 / 15:37 / 17:23 (ICE) last quick train
*arrival in Pasewalk: 15:10 / 17:10 / 18:49
These trains depart also from Berlin-Gesundbrunnen about 5 min. later.

Berlin Network Map

inexpensive in a group but a bit more inconvenient (through Berlin Gesundbrunnen)...

if you travel with more than 2 persons (up to 5, including you) ,
you can purchase a Brandenburg Ticket (group ticket), the price is around 30 Euro for one ticket, which you can share with 4 others.
otherwise one ticket costs around 25 Euro for one person.
I'd  suggest to meet up in front of the ticket counter at Gesundbrunnen, which is not such a big station.
This is upstairs of the station, you have to go outside - it is called something like Service Centre
maybe holding a paper "! - Schloss Broellin" in front of the ticket counter at latest 20 minutes before departure of the train,
so that you can find some other! participants and have a good time buying the ticket and travelling together.
Anayway there will not be so many people with a lot of luggage... Just check around, maybe also on the platform...

For us in Broellin it is not that easy to coordinate your meeting at the train station, but we are sure, if you look observingly for fellow travellers
you will definitely meet some others to travel with together to Broellin.  (maybe that's already the first eXercise on the butoh way to!...)

We will send an eMail to all the workshop participants who will travel the same day from Berlin to Broellin, so everybody gets these suggestions and those, who are willing of sharing a ticket can notice the others with the same interest...

The way from the airports to Berlin Gesundbrunnen station
please change trains at Gesundbrunnen for Pasewalk Station (Broellin)
...1)from Schoenefeld Airport to Berlin Gesundbrunnen station 

There is a train station (in German; S-Bahn), 5 minutes walk from the Airport Schoenefeld to the left

Take a train, S-Bahn from Schoenefeld Airport to Treptower Park station,
then, you have to change trains, take a Ring train (anticlockwise) or a train to Pankow
to go from Treptower Park to Gesundbrunnen .
Usually, it is the same platform, so, you don't need to go to the other platform.
It takes around 60-80 minutes from the airport to Gesundbrunnen (the waiting time is maximum 20 minutes)

...2) From Tegel Airport to Gesundbrunnen

Take a bus X9 or 109 from Tegel
and get off at S-Bahn Jungfernheide busstop (it takes 10 -15 minutes)
take a S-Bahn Ring train (clockwise ) from Jungfernheide to Gesundbrunnen (4th station)

Or take a bus TXL and get off at Beusselstr busstop (10-15 minutes)
Take a S-Bahn Ring (clockwise) from Beusselstr to Gesundbrunnen (3rd station)

The bus stop of TXL is closer to go to S Bahn station than the one of X9. So, better to take TXL.
Usually it takes 40- 45 minutes from Tegel airport to Gesundbrunnen

...3) From Gesundbrunnen to Pasewalk

Better take Regional Express RE 3 (direction -> Stralsund) because it is cheaper and easier for us to organize your transfer to Schloss Broellin.

*departure from Gesundbrunnen (quite every 2 hours): at (8:39) / 10:39 / 12:39 / 14:39 / 16:39 / (18:39) / (20:39)
The last train departs from Gesundbrunnen at 22:39 - arrival at Pasewalk 0:21 (you have to change train at Angermuende!!!)
If you come from Berlin Hauptbahnhof station, please count on all trains about 7 minutes ahead.

Please try to use trains at the above bold printed departure times as we will be ready the for picking you up at Pasewalk.
Please organize your travelling together at the station there by yourself, especially if you want to share the group ticket (Brandenburg Ticket) and contact us only in case of emergency!

*arrival at Pasewalk: at (10:17) / 12:17 / 14:17 / 16:17 / 18:17 / (20:17) / (22:16)
We will wait for you at Pasewalk station at the above bold printed arrival times for bulk transport.

If you will choose another train or need to come later (earlier), please inform us before arrival on the day of travel!
For these individual travellers:
We cannot guarantee that we can pick you up straight away after your arrival in Pasewalk, but we can inform you when the next transport will happen.  anyway at all mentioned arrival times (printed above in bold) there will be cars waiting for you to take you to Schloss Broellin definitely.

Timetable Query

>>> Please try to arrive in Pasewalk between 12 and 6 p.m, as we will have a little welcome program for you:
- the choreographers will show (short) parts of their work in a small performance...

>>> Please inform us about your arrival time, so that we can organize a car to pick you up at Pasewalk station.


map2) Living at Schloss Broellin

IMPORTANT - Please don't forget:

*Health insurance (or valid travel insurance from your country) you have to present it upon arrival!!!
without we cannot allow you to participate in the workshops as there could be always a risk of injury while dancing.
As schloss broellin e.V. cannot be responsible for your physical health you need to pay for any surgery by yourself!
Please check with your local health insurance company in your country or inform yourself through internet!

*Cash in Euro as we can't accept any credit card or traveller cheques and the next bank/ATM is in Pasewalk! (to change money at the bank, about 7 km away, means, that you will miss half a day!)


If you bring mobile phone/camera/notebook/CD-Player/iPod/iPad or other electronic valuables please be aware that Schloss Broellin cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage of your property!  Please think over what you really need to bring with you!
For your money, cheques, passports, flight tickets we can offer you to keep it in our bank safe, but no jewellery, no electronics.

Internet Service:

- There will be Phone and Internet 16000 Service (LAN and WLAN/WiFi) in several areas of Schloss Broellin.
- You can purchase login access on a flat rate basis for your own laptop or use a coin-box computer in the festival office.

Please keep in mind that Schloss Broellin is no hotel and has not such standards.

Things are very basic over here but that’s where the atmosphere comes from.


Please keep in mind that for the general accommodation (dormitory/camping) you’ll have to bring a sleeping bag.
If wanted you can book a bedding for 20 Euro/stay (a change while your stay is 10 Euro).
If you rather camp than sleeping in a dormitory you’ll have to bring your own tent.

please consider/bring with youkitchen1
if you stay at the dormitory:
- ear plugs (since you sleep with 10 - 20 people in one room, you may hear the noise as well as the organic sounds from breathing/snoring).
- eye mask (if you are sensitive to the sunshine)

if you book private rooms:
The rooms you could get have no shutters, blinds etc. neither do we have material to cover the windows. We recommend eye masks for everyone who needs it dark.

Photo: © 2007 delta RA'i

As we are far out in the nature please consider some encounter especially with mosquitoes and wasps!
Please bring some protection if needed as we do not have mosquito nets.
About wasps, which could be very active at this period:
usually they don't sting if we don't attack them but just in case, if you have any allergy against insect bites,
please bring anti histamine pills. (We will prepare some, though)

Daytime Organization/Mealtime/Timetable:

- Please check the program page as it is updated now. There you’ll find a general timetable as well as the workshop timetable (both are still subject to change)
- Remind, that there are no off days!
We will serve vegetarian and also non-vegetarian food.
There will be breakfast, a light lunch (soup and salad) and dinner each day.

If you are used to take a special diet, substitutes or additives, or eat very special food, please feel free to bring this with you. There is a simple kitchen which can be used by everyone who is in need of it for simple preparing of your own special food.
Please let us know at your check-in, if it applies to you or you have special needs on food  (ovo-lacto-vegans or religious issues).  We can not promise to fulfil all your wishes, but we will try our best.

Collective Work:

- The workshop participants will be responsible for cleaning the dishes after eating. Groups of 3 or 4 participants will rotational take care of it.

Photo: © 2007 delta RA'i

The weather in this region is always changing.
In a day time, it might be extremely hot and sunny, while it usually becomes quite cool in the evening...
Usually it is around 20-30 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, but it could cool down in the evening to about 12-20 degrees Celsius.
It might also become cooler in August.
Therefore, please bring with you:

*Enough clothes to change for hot and cold weather as we have only one coin-washing machine for all of us
*Warm clothes (sweat shirts, socks, scarf, etc.)
*Hat (something to protect your head for open air training, if you are sensitive.)
*Sunglasses, sun lotion etc. against sunshine.
*Mosquito spray, cream (there are some unpleasant insects like it is in normal in the countryside)

also, please bring with you:

*Jogging or dance shoes (we don't do jogging, but work/walk in the fields)
*Towels/bath towels (better bring 2 for spare)
*white clothes for specific exercises like breathing and usable also as some costume for the final performance...
*some favourite costumes for the final performance - trousers, skirt, dress, shirt, etc. flexible clothes without pattern...
*knee pads (if you have pain in the knees, as we will do 4 legs exercises)

if you like / need:

*Swimming suits (if you like swimming, there is a lake 30 minutes on foot from Broellin)
*your favourite music CDs for dancing, cooking, ambient...
*small torch light (the night is dark....)
*Your personal medicine, if necessary. (there is no pharmacy in the village!)

And last but not least - the most important:

*open-mind, patience and passion for a simple life.