MusikerInnen & bildende KünstlerInnen


Hiroko Komyal (J) Inke Kühl (D)
Tiziana Lo Conte (I)
Thomas Zunk (D)

Hiroko Komiya expresses the sound from the air, space, movements, inner body, memory and transforms into the sound without bound melody or rhythm.
She plays object sounds; stone, water, sea shells, toys, daily life objects and percussion; metal bowls, bells and voice.
Her musical idea is to remind us there is subtle hidden voice and whispering of each object/material themselves around us.  She let them out in resonance with respects for them.
Her sounds are said as if it’s blowing a new life into the objects, and her expression evokes new sensation to the breath or movement of listeners. As for the voice, her voice arises from inner body and brings back our lost memories.
Since 1999, she’s been working with Butoh dance performance and workshop of Atsushi Takenouchi as musician. Since then, all his works and live performances are created and played by her live music.

Being based in Europe since 2002, toured with performance, project and concert in France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Greece, UK, Holland, U.S.A, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Argentine, India, Thailand, Cambodia and Japan, etc.
Apart from dance, she collaborates also with film, sculptor, painter, poet, story teller, costume designer, various artists and performers for exhibition, installation, concert, performance.

- Accademia Internazionale di teatro (Theaterschule in Rom)
- Kunststudium in Berlin (UdK)
- Performances und Videoinstallationen
- Musikerin (Violine / Saxophon) bei verschiedenen Musikprojekten:
u.a. bei der experimentellen Rockband „Gronge“(Rom),
„Komakino“ (Berlin) und der
Multimedia-Gruppe „TURA YA-MOYA“ (Dänemark / Berlin),
- langjährige künstlerische Zusammenarbeit mit der Musikerin Tiziana Lo Conte (Stimme, Elektronische Musik).

Thereminist, Avantgarde Composer, Ethnomusicologist, Gamelan Master Musician, Multiinstrumentalist, Butoh Musician, DJ

Thomas Zunk is a Berlin based Avant-garde Composer and Musician and onstage with improvised and composed music since 1976. Thomas has dedicated himself to creating a completely different approach to improvisation as such and a completely different style of innovative electronic and rock oriented chamber music as a result thereof which he calls AVANT CHAMBRE.
After two decades of navigating his bands GHETTO RAGA, ERICH ZANN QUINTETT and NO PUSSYFOOTING he is currently concentrating on performances as a soloist with the aid of multiple machinery of analog and digital electronic devices and also appears three to four times a year with BerIO, the BERLIN IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA.

Thomas played Flute, Saxophone and Drums in the past and has changed to electronic devices of all kinds, Sampling Keyboard and Theremin since 2007.

From 1987 to 2007 he was playing the Waterphone, a metal soundsculpure filled with water and played with mallets or bows, giving many concerts of improvised music as a soloist with this fascinating instrument.