Valentin Tszin

Valentin Tszin

Nationalität: Russia

Adresse: St. Petersburg / Moscow - Russia
Website: www.

is a Russian choreographer, dancer and actor.

In 2009 he founded PoemaTheatre (St. Petersburg / Moscow).

Thus he combined physical theater, contemporary dance and butoh. In addition, he created his own method of work under the title "Theatre of Radical Levels“.  

He is an artist who is looking for radical forms of theater, dance and performance, with the aim to derail spheres and to transform them.

"I follow only what the art world has been invented and try try to develop it further by myself, by my idea to connect to the paradise, from which we all sprang. The memory of the soul and an understanding of body memory are connected for me with sadness. The world seems to produce no more love. Thus, my room is a virtual world of love-ness." 

Valentin TszinRecent projects of Tszin

 - Butoh Channel and International Butoh-village (both realized in Moscow) were aimed at culturally rooted contents of Butoh to convey the total issuance of (Butoh) dancers from Moscow and invited artists.  Last were artists such as Carlotta Ikeda, Ko Mirobushi, Flavia Ghisalberti, Ken Mai and Sainko Namtchylrak under the Visiting Artists.  

Tszin produced and participated in numerous performance and collaboratuve projects. The most important of the last year include
"Out of the Forest" ARCHSTOYANIE Festival 2013 (Nikola-Lenivets, Russia),
"Ka te T'ui" gogolfest (Kiev, Ukraine) and from this year,
"Dostoevsky. The corpse." (Tokyo, Japan, 2014).  

Valentin Tszin

He presented his work nationally and internationally in the Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Colombia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Scotland, Poland, Russia and Greece."