Michiyasu Furutani

Michiyasu Furutani

Nationality: Japan

Address: Berlin - Germany
Website: www.


Born in Osaka, JAPAN, 1975

First studied for theater actor in college of art, NIHON University.
Organized young potential theater groups as director, also as dramatist.
Meanwhile, met the dance's expression world which is narrating an abundance emotion based on synopsis without words.

Started Butoh dance as well as contemporary dance, choreographed narrative dance pieces led by theater experience and techniques. Performing on different projects with various stages, directors, filmmakers, dancers, actors and musicians such as Akaji Maro, Akiko Motofuji, Shibusa-shirazu orchestra, etc. Participating various Dance&Music festivals and having presentations.

Moved recently to Berlin. Begins to focus an improvisation way which is cultivated by with free-jazz musicians:  

Michiyasu FurutaniEducation:

Apr. 1993 Mar. 1997
Nihon University College of Art, Department of Theater (Toshimaku, Tokyo)
Bachelor of Fine Arts of Drama
Work Experience as a Dancer

1995 Started dancing as Butoh dancer and performed on different projects with various stage directors, filmmakers,
dancers, actors and musicians.

For example, in these LINKs:

‘Ground and SACK Teaser’ in Llian Baylis Theater London
SAL VANILLA ‘INTER/ACTION’ in Roppongihills, Tokyo
‘Live in Hamburg’’ in Hamburg

Michiyasu Furutani and Vj Chuuu in ritter butzke Berlin

Michiyasu FurutaniRecently stay in Berlin, Germany and promote interesting performances not only with Butoh techniques, but also with modern, contact, classical and mainly improvisation techniques for investigate a new expression way.

Historical Activity solo performance project "Fire of the Body" : 70min at Berlin 2012
"Onomatopoeia Disintegration” : 20min at Berlin 2013
“a LITTLE bit of much” : 55min at Berlin 2013
“4seasons of the window” : 50min at Berlin 2013

Collaborate project
“WAR” : 35min at Berlin, Köln, Den Haag, Maastricht, Amsterdam 2013
and so on

with Dance company
"YANSHU" by Kinya ‘zulu’ Tsuruyama at Tokyo, San Francisco,Vancouver, Mexico.D.F., La Havana
"Daizuko farm" by Kenichiro Hoshino at Tokyo, Sendai, Oya-ishi, Tonami,
"Sal Vanilla" by giga, KIK07 at Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore
"SHIZUKU" by Dakei at Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Oviedo, Lima, Tokyo, Osaka
and so on

with Musicians
"Shibusashirazu orchestra" by Daisuke Fuwa at touring around Europe (Germany, Swiss, Italia, Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine,,,,,,,) and Japan
and so on