Program1Program Details

Photo: © 2007 delta RA'i

is produced by the
non profit association of
schloss broellin e.V. and will take place from
03rd - 16th August 2015

Schloss Bröllin
Bröllin 3
D - 17309 Bröllin/Germany

Our eXchange dance festival is specifically designed for professionally oriented dancers of all disciplines who wish to work intensively with Butoh dance.

We may also allow some passionate amateur dancers to join, but we try strictly to distinguish from therapeutic Butoh styles.
Therefore we ask for a letter of application with a CV on dance, as well as we have only about 60 exclusive places for participation.

We cordially invite you to participate.

Photo: © 2011 delta RA'i
The whole festival is divided into interlocking pieces:

The Work Phase  -  August  4 - 9

Here you get the chance to be instructed by our invited 8 choreographers in various styles of Butoh.

From 4th untill 9th of Aug. participants will be split into groups and two instructional sessions (3 hrs.) will be held for each group every day. The workshop camp is arranged so that every participant will get the chance to complete one instruction unit with each of the eight choreographers.

Workshop Schedule (this schedule is subject to change without notice)

On 9th of August the choreographers present their concept for a choreography for the final performance. After that the participants choose one choreographer or a choreographer-couple with whom he/she would like further to work and rehearse with from 10th until 15th of August for the final presentation.

ATTENTION: If too many participants will choose a particular choreographer or a choreographer-couple, you will be asked to make a second choice. Otherwise the artistic directors will have to decide on the groups' structure. There is no guarantee for working with a specified choreographer.


Photo: © 2011 Alicja Biala

The Film & Lecture Evening  -  August 8

Film Notational Butoh / Hijikata Tatsumi’s method & Lecture by Yukio Waguri
9 p.m.

The Evening Symposium  -  August 9

Theme: "Fukushima or the Transformation of Souls"

Discussion Evening with Yumiko Yoshioka, delta RA'i, the Choreographers and others
6 - 10 p.m.  -  Moderation: Gregor Weber


Photo: © 2011 delta RA'i

The Produktion Phase  -  August 10 - 14

Here the learned will be condensed by the choreographers in order to stage a dance performance.

Also other artists will join up such as musicians, stage & costume designers, light designers, etc.. They will round out the presentation and make the presentations to a spectacular experience.

It is practiced individually with the choreographers in the group, interrupted only by the fixed meal times.

The Performances  -  August 14 + 15

Start after sunset - at about 9 p.m.  - duration approx. 90 minutes

TWS6he final public presentations signify the near end of the festival, during which all participants present the results of their work in a spectacular performance, which usually covers the entire grounds of Schloss Broellin
Photo: © 2007 delta RA'
They will be shown like “pictures at an exhibition” where the audience will be guided through the performance in small groups. The presentations will be also accompanied by visual artists and live musicians.

(There is documentation material available on request: a video DVD of every single! project as well as some last copies of the portfolio of! ´99 - please see also the Archive 1995-2007).

The Final Discussion Forum -  August 16

from 12 noon until aproximately 6 p.m.  -  Moderation: Gregor Weber

General schedule
of the whole festivals
(subject to change)


Photo: © 2011 Alicja Bialas