Fukushima or the Transformation of Souls

Thema1 Did the ultimate MCA of Fukushima somehow influence our life or did it, with the exception of a certain amount of compassion, leave us widely unaffected?
And how do we react to the increasing amount of natural disasters? Do we have nothing to do with it ? Don’t we see nature’s warnings?

Through the decadent mind-set of wealth and the high-flight of knowledge in a perceived virtual omnipotence our spiritual roots deprave.

Although the rapid technological advances of the 20th century have put us on the surface of the moon, they also brought us to the abyss of nuclear war and thanks to the progressing globalisation also to the point of ever increasing ecological and social catastrophes.

Do we still have everything under control? Where are the new values, the culture of togetherness and the development of  substance of civilization in our society?
Are we increasingly bored by the “normal” allround secured life? Did we see it al, do it all, even though most of it only virtually? Since the physical side is often not experienced, we are in constant search of the sensational, the ultimate kick of new extremes in sport, to be able to feel our own existence.
But where do these increasing forces of eccentric greed and the associated destructiveness lead?

Thema2And what’s happening with our emotional life, with our soul? Does it still react actively, responsibly and empathetically? Or where is it hiding? Has it left us and is now trapped in the dungeon of our own rationalism???
Are we already prisoners of our own hubris and have sacrificed our souls on the altar of the economic progress and growth craze?

One could easily get the impression, that we, for the sake of insight, creativity and power, have sold our souls.
And for what price? Isn’t it fairly obvious today, that compassion with other human beings has rapidly decreased? There are people being kicked to death in the subway, hooligans fighting each other in the stadiums and completely bored and disrooted youths join the jihad and behead random hostages without blinking an eye…
This lack of emotion, which began in the first third of the last century with inhuman, genocidal dictatorships from the top, has now reached the every day life at the bottom.

And what about our compassion for other living creatures and nature?  We eat the meat of animals who suffer the stress and agony of industrial livestock farming and don’t realize that we also consume that energy. We accept denatured food and simply can’t remember anymore how a tomato tasted of tomato 50 years ago or an apple like an apple or to have milk that turned sour after a few days.
The nature of todays industrially produced foods hardly contains any nature anymore, but antibiotics (anti = against + bios = life).

Thema3Isn’t it obvious, that our spiritual emotional parts are constantly decreasing for the benefit of a fairly single-sided rational-minded “coolness”?
It is sublime but also scary what our mind has created and how the human need to create tries to take the universal creation hostage.

Our “knowledge” has pretty much exploded over the past 100 years and our hunger forever deepening analysis is insatiable. The triumph of the “sciences” appears to be unstoppable.
Since the 30s of the last century a force seems to have come to the fore that uses all “knowledge” also for massive destruction and abysmal dehumanization.
In the middle ages this would have probably been associated with the devil, today it might be the human ego and our almost divine phantasies of omnipotence.
For quite some time now we could depopulate the earth with our weapons and set an end to all life. We haven’t done it up to now , but somehow the potential keeps on sneaking up on us: besides the previously implied poisoning of our food, also through new or increasing uncurable diseases (Aids, Ebola, Cancer etc.), the “madness” on our streets or natural disasters with growing intensities.
Slowly we are being presented the bill for our curiousity-loan and “Mephisto” want his toll for the pact that we seem to have made with him unconsciously.

Apart from Goethe’s “Faust” there are many legends, religions and myths that address a force that represents “evil”. When you take a closer look at the topic today you can’t shake the feeling that there might be some truth to them.
The only difference seems to be that this force has left the realms of a projected hell and has established itself inside of human beings.

Thema2Therefore the soul of humans and its presence in everyday life seems to be very sick, imprisoned or sacrificed…
Or does what we call soul even exist?

But if it does, what would our spirit need to survive in such a ruthlessly exploited environment and such a perverted inner world?
How can we revive or transform our spiritual elements so we can once again have more empathy for the people around us and our environment?

Could maybe art and especially dance help us to reintegrate ourselves into our natural processes and to become aware of our emotional potential and develop it?

Dance and yoga, art and music are symbolic forms of communication that our soul can understand, because it is fed images and energies touch, move and take hold of it at the core.

At the very least dance is a key to open the locked treasure chest inside us and unleash our compassion. We have to learn again to allow more depth between us, so we can finally realize that our entire physical outside world only functions as a mirror of our own soul.

With the means of the expressive Butoh dance we will take on the impoverishment of our feelings and will try to transform the enchantment of our souls in such a way that we can consciously devote ourselves to our responsibility towards our environment and our fellow human beings once more.

Dance as transformation…

delta RA'i - Oktober 2014

alle Photos: © 2011 Alicja Bialas