Joana von Mayer Trindade

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Nationalität: Portugal

Adresse: Porto - Portugal
Website: www.

, Choreographer, Performer and Teacher.

She works as a creator, performer and teacher in the fields of dance, performance art and yoga.

In 2013 she got a Master degree in Dance, MA SODA (Solo/Dance/ Authorship) at the University for the Arts in Berlin-UDK / HZT and received a scholarship to attend her studies by GDA- Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas.

She attended the Course of Contemporary Dance Performers (1998/1999) run by Forum Dança as well as “Essais” (2006) at the “Centre National de la Danse Contenporaine d’Angers direction d’Emmanuelle Huynh (France)”,

She received a scholarship to attend “Essais” by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

She has a degree in Psychology, University of Oporto. 

Together with Hugo Calhim Cristovão, she is a member and co-founder of NuIsIs ZoBoP.

She was a scholarship holder at the National Culture Centre in Japan (2002), where she researched and practiced Butoh with Min Tanaka at the Body Weather Farm, and Soto Zen Buddhism at the Zazen Dojo Antai-Ji. 

Together with Hugo Calhim Cristovão in the context of NuIsIs ZoBoP.


© Susana Neves

She creates and perform’s the following pieces: “She Will Not Live, “VELEDA” e “ZOS (She Will Not Live)”, “Heaven is just a blue disguise of hell”,  “Insatiability in the case or at the same time a miracle” and “Mysterium Coniunctionis”.

Of her authorship she underlines the following pieces: “Between Being and Becoming” for EdgeComapany (The Place London), “Installation-Exhibition For All, and For None”, “M EN I N A S” , “S A L T U S” and “NAMELESS NATURES”.

Pieces presented in several festivals and cultural centers in Portugal such as Serralves Museum, Festival Materiais Diversos, PT13 (portuguese platform for performing arts), Festival CIRCULAR,  Festival Trama, Festival CUMPLICIDADES, Festival ContraDança, Festival Abril Dança em Coimbra, Festival DDD/Porto, Theatro Circo, Centro Cultural de Ilhavo, Serralves em Festa as well as in CNDC Angers and Uferstudios Berlin

As a performer she worked in collaboration with artists such as: Min Tanaka, Antonio Carallo, Wil Swanson, Paulo Henrique, Olga Roriz, Filipe Viegas, Sónia Baptista, Deborah Hay, Ana Guerra Marques, Emmanuelle Huynh, Eric Didry, Danya Hammoud, Colectivo LIGNA and Isabelle Schad. 

As a dramaturg (external eye) she collaborated with: Elisabete Finger, Ana Trincão, Jee-AE Lim, Cristina Planas Leitão, Isabel Costa and Benoît Lachambre & João Costa Espinho.


© Susana Neves

Throughout my career, I have consistently worked as well with non-professional dance groups, especially the ones that are considered marginal: - homeless people, - children in degradated neighbourhoods, immigrants, -  prison inmates. In this way, I integrate my psychology training with my dance training and experience.

She is the author of the following written essays: “Just a Point. No More, No Less”, “Chaos as an Inevitable Tool for Composition”, “The Cruelty of Creation” and “Truthful Images” (this last one published, in the context of the exhibition “Moments. A History of Performance in 10 Acts at ZKM, Museum für Neue Kunst in Karlsruhe/Germany” and for the internet magazine CORPUS).