Kumotaro Mukai


Nationalität: Japan

Adresse: Tokyo - Japan
Website: www.


Butoh dancer

In 1994, he joined the Dairakudakan and studied under Butoh dancer, Akaji Maro.
He started presenting choreography / directing works since 2001, and have presented 18 works so far, and performed at 11 locations in 5 countries, and 8 cities in Japan.
The Rookie Artist award of the 37th Dance Critics Association Award.

In 2012, he became inKumodependent from the Dairakudakan.

In 2014, presenting “Two Suns” as the first piece, he established “The Butoh Tribe ‘Deux Shrine’” as new butoh company.

in 2015, the 2nd Performance was cold “Spring Festival '' in April.

In 2016, they had invitation to the 1st South American Butoh Festival of Mexico, and as the 3rd piece of Deux Shrines, "’Pichigai Saiban(A Crazy Court)" was presented in December.


With the philosophy that Butoh has ability of radical, keeping asking questions of “what is dancing?” or “What is the new expression on stage?”, we have been committed to creating interesting works.
Our characteristic is the lightness that should not exist in butoh, practicing that the human should be FREE fundamentally with approaching the darkness of the human mind, and "the ruggedness of acceptability for anything" which has been handed over from our teacher.
We also hold workshops to try various approaches to the body not only in Japan but also around the world.

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