Sayoko Onishi

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Nationalität: Japan

Adresse: Palermo - Italy & Nancy - France


From the age of 5 she started studying classical ballet

From 1975 she studied contemporary dance in the Dance academy led by Mr. Mitsuaki Sasaki.

In 1986 she studied Butoh dance with Mr. Ipei Yamada in the dance company Hoppo-Butoh Ha, afterwards she began an intensive artistic collaboration under the supervision of Mr. Hironobu Oikawa, absorbing the style of the choreographies of butoh dance.

From 1990 she began a brilliant carrier as a professional choreographer and a dancer within Europe and the world.

She worked as a dancer at tatoeba-Theater Danse Grotesque (founded by Yumiko Yoshioka, Minako Seki and delta Ra'i / Berlin) from 1990 to 1992.

As a choreographer she worked for the Deutche Oper in Berlin; she has been in charge of Sayoko-Red Viperchoreographic project sponsored by the Amsterdam Kunst Fonds “.

In 2014, the opera house of Ferrara coproduced her performance “Mishima” at the festival , Focus Japan.

In 2018, the performance” Black Out” directed by Claire Thill ( Luxembourg)

Sayoko has received various important international prize, among them in 1997 the 1 prize at the International Dance Competition in Augusburg (Germany) and in the same year the 2 prize at the International Dance Competition in Leipzig (Germany). In 2006 the 1 prize at the Die Platze contemporary dance competition in Tokyo.

As a teacher,

In 2004 she was invited as a guest teacher at the Italian National Dance Academy in Rome

Since 2005 she has been teaching as a guest professor at the University of Palermo

Since 2009, she has been a choreographer and a dancer of the theatre company Man’ok e Cie.(France). In there, together with Emmanuel Fleitz ( Composer / Contrabassist) she founded Duo, MA2 ( Move Art two) . MA2 performed different places such as La Manufacture ( the choreographic centre of Aurillac) , Trois-L(the choreographic centre of Luxembourg) 2Angels (the choreographic centre of Normandy), Tour in China