Film Evening


Annalisa Maggiani &
Mario Morleo

"On the Border", a film by Mario Morleo, about 10 years (2003-2013) of the Butoh dance-solo festival "La Danza di Confine“ („Dance on the Border“) art.dir. Annalisa Maggiani, in Lerici and ”Sconfinando Festival”, Sarzana, Italy.

9. August 2019 
9 p.m.

The film "On the border" is created by Mario Morleo (video artist) and Idea Annalisa Maggiani with a selection of shots taken in various editions of the Dance Festival “Dancing on the border”, of which Annalisa Maggiani is the Art Director.

It is a huge documentation which demonstrates the influence on contemporary dancers, musicians and artists of the “Maestri” of Butoh dance. Their different concepts and expressions of Butoh have been absorbed and transformed by their disciples, who have presented their personal research in the several editions of the festival.

With happiness we have found out that we have been able to bring all to meet our personal borders, between land and sea. As we can see, plenty of artists have left their mark, a trace of their personal transit.

The vision of the film can totally explain the words we have used as the presentation text in the Festivals “La Danza di confine” editions:

“Dancing in this world means running the risk of tracing new unexplored territories, putting in contact different worlds, known and unknown, shaped and shapeless forms, and also tracing a new border between East and West.

A land where the body can find all its extraordinary power of poetry and communication.” Annalisa Maggiani

Link to the film trailer: On The Border

Symposium & Discussion


Gregor Weber

public evening symposium on the topic:
"Freedom, Limits and the intolerability of Merciless Prosperity"

Discussion with Yumiko Yoshioka, delta RA'i, the choreographers and all dancers plus interested audience from outside
(in English)

10. August 2019
6-10 p.m.

Internal final discussion forum:
18. August 2019 starting at 12 a.m.
  scheduled end around 6 p.m.

Gregor Weber (Cologne/D)

He started as an actor at the end of the seventies and developed through most areas of stage work to what he is now.

last great choreographies, directings, productions:
RoomService (Cologne)
Quodonia (Cologne)

More at:

He was member of the creation team at all 6 previous! Festivals as choreographer, dancer, discussion leader and lighting designer