Please note, that we can only accommodate about 60 participants!
So, please get your participation ensured as soon as possible by registering and paying the fee!

By submitting a binding on-line reservation through the Registration process the registration fee for participation in the festival and the final performances is staggered by quotas and/or payment deadlines and will be as follows:

Early Bird Registration / Price Class 1 - (15 places contingent or until December 31st, 2018)  880 Euro contingent sold out
Regular Registration / Price Class 2 - (20 places contingent or until February 28th, 2019)  990 Euro contingent sold out
Main Registration / Price Class 3 - (10 places contingent or until March 31st, 2019) 1100 Euro contingent sold out
Late Registration / Price Class 4 - (10 places contingent or until May 31st, 2019) 1220 Euro
contingent open
Last Minute Registration / Price Class 5 - (5 last places contingent)  1330 Euro contingent open
A waiting list will be installed later...

Once the contingent limit for a price class has been reached, the price will change to the next level even if the deadline has not been reached.
All price categories are offered parallel for sale. We ask you earnestly to choose the price category that corresponds to your financial strength fairly and to leave the cheaper price categories to financially weaker persons and non-scholars. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Private Scholarship Program:
(Sponsorship by participants)
As we would like to make the participation in the festival possible to dancers from economically weaker countries or low-income backgrounds, we welcome any support: for 110 Euro or more a sponsorship can be offered.
In this case the sponsor-participant will take one of the higher price categories and therefore pay a surcharge of 110 Euro (or more) on the current participation fee.
This program will be handled as a lottery drawing after the festival has started especially as there are already more applications than sponsors.
Sponsorships can be awarded up to the number of sponsors willing to take part.

Private Scholarship Fee: please take one of the higher price categories

Advance booking deadlines:
Please note, that the date your payment arrives in our account (not the date of registration) is crucial for the advanced booking deadlines. Please consider the processing time banks need when booking.
Your participation will not be secured until we have received your registration fee (or the first instalment)!

Your participation will be confirmed by email after we receive your registration fee.

Photo: © 2007 Karsten Mühlhaus

Partial payment - permitted under the following conditions:
Partial payment by 2 instalments:
The first half of the registration fee has to be paid into account within 10 days if sent from abroad (7 days within Germany). The other half has to be transferred by May 31st, or (with later bookings after May 1st) by July 31st (recorded in our account), whereby a 20 Euro instalment fee will be incurred. Participants wishing to pay the rest in cash in summer when you check in or whose 2nd payment arrives after the prescribed deadline will have to pay a partial payment fee of 30-40 Euro.

Monthly payment (if booked early and only until March 31st):
The first 250 Euro of the  registration fee has to arrive in account within 10 days from abroad (7 days within Germany). The balance will be paid in monthly instalments of minimum 100 Euro, whereby a 40 Euro instalment fee will be incurred.

Further partial payment arrangements can be agreed individually according to your application.

• by SEPA Bank Transfer with IBAN + BIC/SWIFT (within Europe free of charge)
• Another payment option:  Credit Card or Direct Debit through Western Union - for payments from non-European countries and on request only!

We will send our bank details to you by email when participation approval is confirmed for the festival.

Cancellation after registration is only possible under the following conditions:
before February 28th, 2019 Reimbursement - deducting 50 Euro cancellation fee + bank charges
before March 31st, 2019 Reimbursement - deducting 150 Euro cancellation fee + bank charges
before May 31st, 2019 Reimbursement - deducting 300 Euro cancellation fee + bank charges
after June 1st, 2019 No Reimbursement - no refund under any circumstances - a cancellation is only possible, if you present another participant to take over your place. In this case we will charge a rebooking fee of 30 Euro.

The registration fee includes:
• participation in all workshops, the production period and the final non-commercial performances
• basic board and lodging:  3 simple meals and hot beverages + Basic Dormitory/Camping. 

If you like to sleep alone or are sensitive to noise (snoring), we recommend camping on the large meadow...
Please keep in mind that for the general accommodation (dormitory/camping) you’ll have to bring a sleeping bag.
If wanted you can book a bedding for 20 Euro/stay (a change while your stay is 10 Euro).
If you rather camp than sleeping in a dormitory you’ll have to bring your own tent..

Your private eXpenses for any special diet, bottled drinks or other private needs are not included.

There are also multiple-bedrooms or places in a more comfortable dormitory available on request for an extra charge.
Please contact the booking service at Schloss Broellin for additional costs and availability through the Contact form

Further information about Schloss Bröllin: rooms, catering and grounds

There are also rooms available in the neighborhood (Airbnb) or a hotel in the nearby town of Pasewalk.