Photo:  2015 Beatriz Guzmn

eXplore it!

eXpress it!

eXperience it!

eXpect it!

eXpand it!

eXceed it!

eXhale it!!

from August 4th until 18th, 2019!

the international dance-eXchange & performance festival

took place for the 7th and very last time

at the artists' venue

Schloss Broellin - international art research location

Press portfolio!'19.pdf <-------------- in German only --------------> Press preview Nordkurier 15.08.2019.pdf

Patronage: Minister of Culture Bettina Martin
On behalf of schloss broellin e.V. association
  the two artistic directors

Yumiko Yoshioka
and delta RAi
have called Butoh- and dance enthusiasts
 from all over the world for participation.

Out of countless applications 69 professional and semi-professional dancers from 31 countries were invited.

Our invited choreographers:!'19  is dedicated to Japanese Butoh Dance and contemporary / modern dance. This time 4 Japanese Butoh dancers who have dedicated their entire lives to the Butoh dance are invited alongside with 4 contemporary choreographers.  more...

Our Participating Dance Performers

Our actual photo gallery by Peter van Heesen

The performance playbill
Performance playbill.pdf

Photo: 2003 Gaby Schaefer!  -  What is this?

At the beginning there was one question:
Butoh what is that?!  -  How does it work?

The festival is organized in several interlocking parts:!'19  -  Theme:
"The Intolerability of Merciless Prosperity"

This led to the idea of an European Butoh meeting which was held first in 1995.
It was called! and as a result of the huge popularity among choreographers, participants, audience and media, a regular festival has emerged, which is since then a highlight at Schloss Broellin every 4 years.
What was formerly a pure Butoh dance festival has today become an eXchange project for Butoh and contemporary dance. Nevertheless the festival is still firmly anchored in Butoh, this Japanese expression dance.


The work period provides the opportunity to be taught in different styles by all the invited choreographers.

In the production phase the learned will be  condensed into choreographies by the choreographers in order to stage a dance performance.

At the end there will be two public performances, accompanied by visual artists and live musicians. They form the artistic end of the festival, in which all participants present the results of their work in stunning
dance spectacles across the entire castle grounds.


Those who live in prosperity are well off... Are we well? Really well? Or only apparently good? Or what is running not so well - or even worse?

Humanity is not necessarily an attribute to prosperity.

But it should actually be easier when "the economy" is humming and our lives allow us to consume to the point of tiring. 

Lived prosperity often shows its most unpleasant side - is quickly arrogant, stupid, marginalizing and merciless.


Photos:  2015 delta RA'i!  -  How was it?

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