Schloss Broellin - international art research location


Schloss BroellinSchloss Broellin is an 800-year-old country estate situated approx. 1.5 hours north of Berlin, close to the district town of Pasewalk (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

For the past 25 years the international art research location has been undergoing constant transformation:
−    The association of schloss bröllin e.V., founded in 1992, considers itself a patron of interdisciplinary, forward-looking art projects, primarily in the area of dance, theatre, performance, as well as object and installation art. The association brings together artists, scholars, producers, organisers and other projects on a broad international level.
−    The work consists above all of developing a site of production in the area of interdisciplinary art all year round. The aim is to establish a long-term international research and work centre for the arts and artists.
−    With several dance studios, production and seminar rooms, as well as overnight accommodation and catering facilities (on an overall area of 45 000 m˛), the estate offers space for artists to rehearse, experiment, train and relax.


−    In addition, through successful youth work, a significant contribution is being made to the further education of young people in the areas of art, culture, democracy and tolerance.
−    Schloss Bröllin cultivates substantial cross-border contact with Poland, especially in the neighbouring province of Westpommern / Szczecin. Strong cooperations and partnerships broaden the possibilities of professional collaboration with cultural organisations from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Photo: © Alicja Biata

Photo: © Jenny Galow

Photo: © Manon Riviere