Scholarship Invitation

If you are able to apply for a scholarship, grant or sponsorship for your participation at the eX...it! festival in your country or region, please feel free to ask us for an official invitation letter.  We will provide it to you as soon as possible.


Private scholarship (Sponsorship by another participant)

As we would like to make the participation in the festival possible to dancers from economically weaker countries or low-income backgrounds, we welcome any support: for 110 Euro a sponsorship can be offered.
In this case the sponsor-participant will take one of the higher price categories and therefore pay a surcharge of 110 Euro (or more) on the current participation fee.

This program will be handled as a lottery drawing after the festival has started especially as there are already more applications than sponsors.
Sponsorships can be awarded up to the number of sponsors willing to take part.
Everyone wishing to apply for private sponsorship (110 Euro discount), should enrol just normally and note the financial support in the application.  You should also explain your financial circumstances in more detail. Without a detailed financial report in a separate email you will not be accepted for the private scholarship lottery.
requests are handled individually and all circumstances as well as payment details will be communicated via email.

For any questions, please contact us through the contact form

Photo: © 2007 Karsten Mühlhaus