Ex... it! '99
 2nd international butoh- & related arts symposium & dance exchange project
idea & concept created by: delta RA'î
art direction:delta RA'i & Yumiko Yoshioka
production management: Mo. Tunn



1st - 15th August 1999
schloss broellin
international theatre research location 

in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, nearby the city of Pasewalk in north-eastern Germany 
(former GDR)

What? EXclamation EXcognitation
Ex...it! '99 is the 2nd Butoh and related arts symposium and dance exchange project. It evolved from the idea of reflecting on the last 10 years of work of Western artists with the Japanese Butoh dance and introduces their personal artistic working methods, in a context of concrete collaboration and practical exchange, in contrast with the expression of a new generation of Japanese Butoh dancers.
Who? When? Where? EXecution EXchange

The WorkForum & the  invited

choreographers  who will

teach in theWorkshopCamp

In parallel, a symposium with European and Japanese critics, trustees, philosophers and others who are involved in Butoh will reflect on theoretical contexts, have discussions and will analyse the significance of European art influenced by butoh.
final performance
on 13th and 14th of Aug



How? Where to? EXperimental EXpression

international DanceFestival

Ex... it!´99 - Japan undercover

Work-Show and Improvisations
of the artists of the 2nd international butoh & related arts symposion & dance exchange projects at schloss bröllin

August 18th - 22ndin Szczecin (Polen)
August 20th - 23rd & 26th - 29th  in Berlin (Germany)
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Ex...it! '99, the Ex...plicit Ex...orbitant Ex...perimental Ex...pedition

schloss broellin
international theatre research location

Dorfstr.3 • D-17309 BROELLIN • Germany

Tel: +49--(0)39747-50235
photo by Christian Alexander Klempert  from Ex...it!'95
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